“We help organisations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behaviour”

At Leadership Consulting Group, we help organisations to overcome the challenges that they face by providing the necessary mindsets, skillsets and toolsets that will lead to an improvement in organisational effectiveness.

Our solutions represent the perfect blend between traditional consulting and traditional training. We believe that enduring transformation occurs gradually over time, hence, our solutions are designed as processes rather than one-time events.

We specialise in the application of FranklinCovey’s global content to our local context in seven (7) practice areas:

  • Leadership
  • Execution
  • Productivity
  • Trust
  • Sales Performance
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Education

The content that forms the basis for all of FranklinCovey’s world-class solutions is designed and proven to establish the new skillsets and utilise the most effective toolsets necessary to achieve sustained superior results. FranklinCovey’s content is:

  • anchored in timeless principles – natural laws of human and organisational effectiveness
  • developed from years of research and refinement through hundreds of field beta tests
  • extremely engaging for participants
  • has an enduring, transformational impact
Delivery Options

We offer a variety of delivery options to the local market.

  • Client Facilitator-led FranklinCovey programmes
  • Client Facilitator-led Customised programmes
  • Open-enrollment Public FranklinCovey programmes
  • Client Consultancy Services
  • Client Facilitator Certification (Train-the-Trainer programme)

We provide implementation training or follow-up coaching following the delivery of our work sessions.